Meglow is an official brand of Leeford Cosmacia Limited, a division of Leeford Healthcare Limited in India. Leeford Cosmacia manufactures and brings out the best formulation for skin care products. And this division mainly focuses on the beauty regimen for skin and beauty care products. Thus the cosmetics division of the pharmaceutical firm Leeford Healthcare was named Leeford Cosmacia. Also it is a popular brand name in the cosmetics and allied products in India and Overseas. And one of the best brands for fairness cream, gels, lotions, facials and other medicated products.  

Meglow by Cosmacia


Wide Range of formulations by Cosmacia

There are a variety and wide range of cosmetics products for this company brand. It broadly consist of facial care, hair care, body care and foot care. And the formulation of such products under the brand  comes with best natural ingredients. Therefore it is free from chemical compounds and is completely paraben free.  

Meglow Product Categories

  • The product categories mainly consists of Cream and Gels, Face Packs and Scrubs and Face Wash.
  • Also it brings Facial Kits and Bleach cream for women’s exquisite skin care products.
  • It also manufactures Herbal Oil, Body Toner and Hair Removal products.
  • Also it comes with anti acne soap products  and winter care products such as lip balm, body lotion and foot care.
  • All above Meglow products are paraben free cosmetics and offers the best formula for skin care and beauty

Meglow Product Essentials and Ingredients

Meglow products are a mix of natural ingredients in alliance with suitable chemical compound. It also contains other specialty ingredient for best results and desired efficacy. Thus the products are skin friendly and at the same time its pocket friendly. Meglow also provides quality cosmetics at affordable cost which suits for every budget. The advantage of using the high quality specialty ingredients makes the product remain stable. It also conforms to effectiveness over its shelf life. These products also ensure to offer best results as per the standardized ingredient used. And the standardized ingredients offer similar results and best efficacy to these daily care. Products under Meglow brand also have a variety of skin care formulations. And different packaging to suits individual needs.  


If you are using Meglow products comment us below. So we can continuously improve and upgrade our skin care products. To bring in the best quality for elegance and beauty to your skin.

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