Orange peel off face mask is a way to redefine radiance because this acts as a good black head remover. And clears skin deeply from within by removing toxins. It also acts as an exfoliating agent to clear the skin. And also as a natural astringent to clear off acne. It also soothes, heals and repairs dull and stressed skin. As a result it boosts the natural beauty of the skin from within. Orange also contains citric acid and Vitamin C which acts as powerful exfoliators. It removes dead skin cells and cleanse the pores, helping prevent acne. And Vitamin C helps reduce skin swelling, which reduces the appearance of pimples.     Meglow Orange Peel Off Face Mask

About Meglow Orange Peel Off Face Mask:

A powerful combination of ancient Ayurveda wisdom and modern beautifying agents. Meglow orange peel off face mask aka orange face mask nourishes the skin from within and provides skin with natural and youthful beauty. Its active orange peel extracts remove impurities from skin. Its gentle brightening action works brilliantly to leave a golden glare. Furthermore Meglow Orange Peel Off and Reveal Mask has an exfoliating action that reveals true radiant beauty without blemishes and acne.  

Key ingredients:


Benefits of Orange Peel Off Face Mask:

It acts as best skin whitening. And reduces the acne scars. Also fades blemishes and dark spots. It also fights acne and pimples. Furthermore it delays wrinkles and brightens complexion. Moreover it is a natural face cleanser.  

Direction for Use:

Wash your face preferably with Meglow Fairness Face wash or Meglow Apricot Scrub and pat dry. Apply an even layer of Meglow Orange peel off face mask over entire face and neck. Avoid delicate regions around eyes. Let it dry for about 15 to 20 minutes & then peel off starting from forehead in a downward direction towards the neck and you are done.  

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