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Soft Soles
Foot Cream

Soft Soles is a non-sticky and quick absorbing formula that penetrates deep into the skin and nourishes and hydrates the dry, hardened and cracked skin of feet. Its active botanicals provides anti-infective action and long lasting relief.

Enriched With: Jojoba Oil, Bees Wax, Lanolin

Pack Size: 30 g


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Soft Soles Foot Care Cream is specially formulated to help heal extremely dry, rough, infected, hardened feet and cracked heels. It contains advanced moisturizers and herbal extracts that exfoliate & repair the dry and cracked feet.

Why to use Soft Soles Cream:

  • An intense repair formula, which heals foot problems & gives you soft crack free loving feet in just 2 weeks
  • Has deep penetration for fast and effective repair of cracked heels
  • Its active botanicals repairs & renews the foot’s skin to treat and prevent further problems
  • One solution for all your feet problems

Additional information

Pack Size

30 g

Direction for Use

Soak feet in Lukewarm water for some time, wash them thoroughly with mild soap and dry them out completely. Apply optimum quantity of Soft Soles cream over the affected area. For best results use twice daily. Use Soft Soles Cream once in night & once in the morning, after bathing for active treatment.


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